Happy Birthday Joanne

Me, Joanne, Sharon and Kate

Long walk in the snow to Rossdale to wish Joanne a happy birthday!

Sharon and Kate joined us. Not the celebration we would wish for Joanne, but nice to see the faces of my sisters and my niece! Or at least, part of their faces.

Walterdale Bridge

This will be the mildest day for the foreseeble future as we enter the first true cold snap of the winter (or as Shawna Gawreluck on Twitter says, “It’s not a snap, it’s a cruel, frost laden million pound anvil of death potential”). In spite of the wind and the snow, with all my gear and the walking, I was often too hot, but Sharon and Joanne were cold, so a short visit.

I was warmer than I looked
Tiny cross country skiers on the Victoria golf course
More golf course!
Almost home (trail below Victoria Park Road)

About -11C and snowing HARD. 15,412 steps, a little over two hours there and back.

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