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Warm October, Blistering November (so far)


It was the warmest October on record here in Edmonton, but it seems like a long time ago as I sit here in my home office, cold, and looking out at the snow flying in the arctic wind. It was warm on Halloween (we got more than 100 kids!) but the next day the weather started to turn, and by November 2, the snow was falling. I really need to learn to embrace the winter. I used to love it, but it gets harder every year. It’s supposed to be sunny on Wednesday. That will help. No walks in November at all, other than Friday (Nov 5) when we were downtown for an annual visit with Tom’s investment banker and walked most of the way home.

14C and snowing.

Oh winter….

My snowman is bigger than your snowman…

Finally, a nice long walk this afternoon after what seems like a month of minus fuck-off temperatures. Counted TWO guys in shorts (it was around -6C), a rare snow-faced Buddha, and one super impressive 20-foot snowman.

‘Our’ buddha holding his (frozen) balls
Don’t mess with the snowman

First Walk of 2022

Tom, in Glenora

First walk of 2022! When I got groceries this morning (loading up before another round of horrific weather), it was sunny(ish) and warm (-7C). When we left for our walk, it was overcast, windy, and -13C. But, still wonderful to get outside and move. 15,946 steps total.

A Snowy Walk

View looking West, over the MacKinnon Bridge

A gorgeous walk around the greater ‘hood (Grovenor and Glenora) after a fresh snow last night, and the requisite latte at The Colombian . (And yes I have hood hair)

The snowy couple
The Glenora fountain, somewhere…
View looking East, over the MacKinnon Bridge
Chilly Buddha
An explosion of snow

13C to -10C 11,186 Steps


I agree, Halle

Following my departure from Oliver, and during the intercession between old homes and the new one, I stayed with Sharon, and then from November 9 to the 16th I dog-sat at Val and Jay’s place. Halle is a gorgeous and at times, challenging dog. At a little over a year, she’s still a puppy (in Chocolate Lab terms), so is full of endless puppy energy. On the first day, she knocked me down, not because she’s mean, but because she’s a powerful dog who doesn’t quite know yet how to reign in her energy. Always game for a game of fetch in the backyard, and forgiving when I throw poorly (always) or accidentally over the fence (once).

Halle’s timeout stair

For most of my stay, there was no snow, but we still didn’t go for walks. I was uncomfortable with the choke collar and I was afraid that she would get away or pull me over. She has a bit of the wanderlust, apparently, and has broken through a screen. However, we had lots of plays inside the house and especially outside in their vast backyard. In her quiet moments, Halle was a wonderful cuddler and snoozer. And a gobsmackingly beautiful model.

Halle in repose

I was grateful for a place to stay, but it was a lot mixed with all the moving stuff. Once Tom’s house was cleared out, he joined me at Chez Halle. She really loved him. Not so sure it was mutual, but the stay was short-lived!

Halle relaxes
Does this couch make my ass look big?
That’s close enough, Halle
Halle the cuddler
So lovable

Whitemud Creek Gone Green

Green and spectacular

While my internet and TV are out, and before I go fully feral, here are some photos from my walk this morning with Sharon and Stella in Whitemud Creek Ravine (north).

It’s a wonderful trail, mostly flat, with great views of the curvy creek which has now turned a kind of sludgy green, although it’s still very much frozen. Mill Creek does that too. Not sure where that colour comes from. It’s actually a little more day-glo than my photos suggest.

Stella, refusing to pose again…

I’m no fan of grey skies, but the temperature was pleasant with no wind, so I will take it. I need to walk with Sharon and Stella when it’s sunny! We always seem to pick days that are overcast.

Random tiny birdhouses!
Random tiny birdhouses (with googly eyeballs)!

-5C, 12,450 steps.