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Gorgeous Autumn

Heading up to Glenora

What a day! Gorgeous walk through the river valley infused with gold, blue, green, and red. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves… 🍁 23C!

View from Victoria Park Road trail
Victoria Golf course
River Road
Up to Glenora!

Do I Have Heat Stroke?

Victoria Park Trail: green grass on the golf course, and everywhere else, yellow.

With Tom keeping super early hours because of the Olympics, no walks with him this week, but I’m still getting out as much as possible. Today was a little crazy. I should have gone earlier, but to be truthful—and reckless, I left at 11:30 AM in the 26C degree heat. The tan I had developed over many afternoon walks had faded over our span of early morning walks and I wanted to bump it up a bit. To be clear, as a redhead my tan isn’t much and it’s mostly freckles, but a little colour is always nice. (I do wear sunscreen on my face, and randomly, over my shoulders and arms).

So, I walked. And walked. By the time I was finished, two hours had elapsed, my counter registered 14,729 steps (Oliver, Victoria Park trail, River Road, MacKinnon Ravine, Glenora, Oliver), and it was near 30C. I was really hot and for the last three or four blocks—even as tired as I was, I took a slight detour into a leafy neighbourhood to avoid direct sunlight. When I got home, I chugged down a big glass of ice cold water and sat in front of the fan. I wanted to take another shower, but I wasn’t 100% sure I wasn’t going to collapse, so I had a banana and that did the trick. I felt much better. I am a little redder and have a few more freckles, but that was probably too much.

Victoria Park Trail

Thursday will be another hot one. I think I might take the day ‘off’. Today we tied for the most days over 30C (only 1961 had that many 30-degree days), and that record will surely be broken in the next few days. What a godawful summer. I hate to wish away time, or seasons, but with the record-breaking heat and lack of rain, this summer has been hard on humans, animals, trees, and every other living thing except weirdo heat worshipers with air-conditioning. Let it be over.

From CTV Josh Klassen:

As of August 4….

Happy Birthday Joanne

Me, Joanne, Sharon and Kate

Long walk in the snow to Rossdale to wish Joanne a happy birthday!

Sharon and Kate joined us. Not the celebration we would wish for Joanne, but nice to see the faces of my sisters and my niece! Or at least, part of their faces.

Walterdale Bridge

This will be the mildest day for the foreseeble future as we enter the first true cold snap of the winter (or as Shawna Gawreluck on Twitter says, “It’s not a snap, it’s a cruel, frost laden million pound anvil of death potential”). In spite of the wind and the snow, with all my gear and the walking, I was often too hot, but Sharon and Joanne were cold, so a short visit.

I was warmer than I looked
Tiny cross country skiers on the Victoria golf course
More golf course!
Almost home (trail below Victoria Park Road)

About -11C and snowing HARD. 15,412 steps, a little over two hours there and back.

January 1, 2021

Bunched up ice on the river

So here we are. A new year. 2021. It’s nice out. That’s enough for now.

There are still parts of the river that aren’t frozen over.

I walked for just under two hours. Into the river valley via the golf course through Victoria park, River road, MacKinnon Ravine, Glenora, museum and home. Funny, when I got to the museum, the sky was already dusking with that wintry pink/orange horizon. It was only about 2:30 pm. The sun is setting around 4:24 but when the sun is that low, sunset is always close.

In MacKinnon Ravine. One of those days that was blue sky or cloudy, depending on the direction.
Take care of your a Buddha and your Buddha will take care of you.
Sunset at 2:30?
Killer view (neighbourhood adjacent to the museum)

We’ve had pretty nice weather and virtually no snow for most of December. The grass is really starting to show on the south side of things, including the museum grounds.

From the museum grounds…not lots of snow
A pagoda in snow

11,456 steps. About -2C.

Autumn Eve

View from Ezio Faraone Park

Another amazeballs walk, this time on Autumn Eve around lunchtime. Always funny how when Autumn hits every year (this year, September 22), it’s already Peak Fall in Edmonton, followed in quick succession by the brown season and then snow. Nevertheless, it’s very beautiful and we’ve been getting great weather, but the ominous presence of winter looms.

A lunchtime walk on the trail above Victoria Park Golf Course
You look pretty Victoria Park Golf Course
High Level Bridge
The rare species known as ‘red flowers’
Ezio Faraone Park

A bit windy, but about 18C and very colourful. 10,222 steps.

Even the gutters are pretty

Tufted Caterpillar

Party in the front AND the back!

Met a little friend on my after-work walk to Tom’s – a Spotted Tussock Caterpillar, also known as a Woolly Bear Caterpillar also known as a Tufted Teddy Bear Caterpillar! They are not uncommon, but it’s always nice to see one. They look like they would have nice personalities.

Victoria Hill Road area, on the stairs leading into the golf course

My camera, if I use the wide angle setting, can give really interesting effects, but it also distorts on the edge. Trying to get as much green in my photos as possible as we head into Fall. Once again it was windy but it got up to 21C. 11,773 steps.