Whitemud Ravine with Tom

The return of Tom (to Whitemud Ravine)

What a gorgeous day after yesterday’s rain! Afternoon walk with Tom in Whitemud Ravine south (and parts of north). It’s been a long time since we walked along this trail together. I’ve walked solo a few times in the last year, and a bunch of times with Sharon and Stella, but not Tom. The trail has lots of slippery ups and downs and he doesn’t have microspikes (well, he does, but won’t wear them), so that leaves winter out. The other issue is that the trail is deceptive. We like to get at least 10,000 steps and walking Whitemud Ravine south from one end to the other, with its rolling hills, seems like you’ve put it a lot of steps because it’s a bit of a workout, but it’s only about 8,500. You have to walk into Whitemud Ravine north across the Snow Valley parking lot to get 10,000+ steps. Whatever, it’s a great walk. One of my absolute favourites.

The creek is running high again
From the boardwalk
The difference a few weeks and some rain can make
Whitemud Ravine North ‘hoodoo’
The ‘weird’ bridge over the creek in Whitemud Ravine North
Not sure why this dandelion seed photographed blue

Great to see the creek running high. No mosquitoes yet, at least not mid-afternoon. The wild roses are everywhere. About 90 minutes, 11,476 steps.

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