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Perfect Summer Day

Whitemud Creek meets the river

Gorgeous late afternoon walk with Tom through Whitemud Ravine North from Rainbow Valley Road to the river. We left at 3:30 to beat the heat and for the most part, it was not too bad (in the shade). Not even that hot compared to last year’s sweltering summer.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in this part of Whitemud. For one thing, I was avoiding the green leafroller caterpillar infestation of June, and also, I have less time for walks like this, at least during the week. It was supposed to be my ‘Donna solo walk day’, but since we were going to Sharon’s, I invited him along and we both had a great time.

The old utility bridge in Whitemud Ravine north

Although the creek seemed low in places, the foliage was full on jungle. All the rain we got in May/June helped. We could use some rain again.

Whitemud Ravine Creek looking rather sun-browned and bubbly
Paddling away…

24C/3:45-5:30 pm.

Nice to Meet You, Crab Spider

Nice to meet you

As I may have mentioned once or twice in this blog, there is very often something that happens on every walk that makes it stand out in some way — like, this is the thing I was meant to see, or hear. I always know that moment. Today, it was a crab spider blushing pink inside a wild rose blossom. I’m not a huge fan of spiders in the house, but outside they can be quite interesting. I’ve seen the odd crab spider in my lifetime, and they are always white, but in this case it had taken on the colour of the flower, which it can do given the right circumstances. Lucky me.

I had gone off trail to be closer to the river and when I was finished drinking in the delirious sounds of Whitemud Creek rushing madly toward the river, I looked around at the damp woods and spotted something in the yellow filaments of a wild rose. Behold, a pink crab spider (which I later identified). This is what I had come to see, apparently. Once I photographed her and thanked her for not moving, I couldn’t wait to share the news.

Lately, my introverted self has been suffering from lack of alone time, so I tearily proposed to Tom that once a week I head off on my own for a walk. This was one of them, and it was spectacularly eventful, at least in a quiet and sweetly personal way which is my favourite kind of event.

Whitemud Ravine Creek South
Sorry squirrel, you’re not the cutest thing I saw in the ravine today, but damn close…

24C (but cooler in the ravine)

It Rained!

Whitemud Creek Ravine

For most of the day on Saturday, it rained (about 20-30mm, cumulatively). Beautiful, glorious rain. I had intended to walk Stella in the morning (Sharon and Vic are visiting Beth and Josh in Minneapolis) but it rained on the way over, and by the time I got to Sharon’s, the skies were VERY dark. I decided to take Stella for a quick pee and poop in the nearby park, and then we waited to see what the weather would do.

Oh boy.

It stormed, and thundered, and rained. There were successive storms, so by the end of day, there was no walk with Stella in the woods. Poor doggo, she was quite frightened by the thunder. She’s not usually that sensitive but not having Sharon around probably compounded her anxiety. I’m her favourite auntie, but I’m still just an auntie.

So today, even though it was cloudy and cool (12C to start), I picked Stella up and we drove to Whitemud Ravine, by the Rainbow Valley entrance. It was cool and wet, but still gorgeous. Things seemed the tiniest bit greener.

Now that she’s ten, Stella is a bit slower these days. The slight hesitancy reminds me of Maggie. In her later years, Maggie clearly and intentionally shortened our walks. Sometimes she just stopped in the middle of a trail, and said, no further. Slowly, our circuits became smaller. Finally, it was just the park, but she was always enthusiastic. Stella is on some meds now for sore joints. She gets two or more walks a day with Sharon, and is mostly fine, but she used to run like the dickens. She can still gets lots of speed up when she wants, like when she’s greeting me from across the park, or running after a ball. She’s become more of a sprinter, I guess.

Hey, that’s a heart in the wood!
Stella refuses to look at the camera (as always…)

We both enjoyed the walk, and Stella read and/or sent a lot of pee-mail. No creek splashes though. In spite of the rain yesterday, the creek is still pretty murky.

Along the boardwalk in Whitemud Creek Ravine

About 15C, 4,000+ steps (I’ll get more later walking to Tom’s)

Whitemud Ravine with Tom

The return of Tom (to Whitemud Ravine)

What a gorgeous day after yesterday’s rain! Afternoon walk with Tom in Whitemud Ravine south (and parts of north). It’s been a long time since we walked along this trail together. I’ve walked solo a few times in the last year, and a bunch of times with Sharon and Stella, but not Tom. The trail has lots of slippery ups and downs and he doesn’t have microspikes (well, he does, but won’t wear them), so that leaves winter out. The other issue is that the trail is deceptive. We like to get at least 10,000 steps and walking Whitemud Ravine south from one end to the other, with its rolling hills, seems like you’ve put it a lot of steps because it’s a bit of a workout, but it’s only about 8,500. You have to walk into Whitemud Ravine north across the Snow Valley parking lot to get 10,000+ steps. Whatever, it’s a great walk. One of my absolute favourites.

The creek is running high again
From the boardwalk
The difference a few weeks and some rain can make
Whitemud Ravine North ‘hoodoo’
The ‘weird’ bridge over the creek in Whitemud Ravine North
Not sure why this dandelion seed photographed blue

Great to see the creek running high. No mosquitoes yet, at least not mid-afternoon. The wild roses are everywhere. About 90 minutes, 11,476 steps.

Hello Whitemud Ravine

Whitemud Creek from the powerline footbridge

Beautiful solo walk in Whitemud Ravine this morning, starting at the Power Line (which is missing a huge swath of trees on the south side), and then into the ravine, up and around, back into the ravine, and then out at the other side of Westbrook.

Whitemud Ravine Creek from the first viewpoint

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken this route, which always reminds me of Maggie. The birdsong was magnificent, but the creek could use some rain.

Whitemud Creek from the ‘second’ bridge
One of the many frog bogs, which could use some water. No frogs obvs.
Ubiquitous chipmunk on the viewing deck, above the boardwalk
Bring on the rain!

About 10,000 steps. 19C and humid.

Yo Whitemud!

Crazy beautiful walk with Sharon and Stella in Whitemud Ravine (south) starting at the Westbrook trail head. As per usual, Stella wouldn’t pose, but also as per usual, affable company.

You can’t make me look at you

With lots of fairly steep ice-covered hills, spikes are absolutely necessary, at least for the near future. Even with them, it was a bit iffy, but I stayed upright. Always a good thing.

Even walking from one end of the trail to the other (ending at Rainbow Valley Road) it’s not quite 10,000 steps but they are quality steps, and the rest were easily made up just walking around the grocery store.

Sure is purdy