Get A Room

Wow, right in the open.
And what’s up with those two looky-loos on the side?

One of those days where I wish my eyes were a camera, because it doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t capture how beautiful it is, mid-June, when everything is bursting with life. I mean, even the bugs are busy creating life, right out in the open, with two bonus onlookers!

So yeah, gorgeous, warm, and sunny. This was a solo walk, so I started from Victoria Park promenade, down into the golf course, along river valley road to MacKinnon Ravine, and then back up into Glenora/Oliver.

MacKinnon Ravine under a crazy beautiful sky
Along MacKinnon Ravine trail
I can’t NOT take a photo of the fountain in Alexander Circle….
My favourite view from the Museum
I liked it so much, I took another photo!
View from the Museum (on the west side)
Paul Kane Park, a block from where I live. A red-winged blackbird has a nest in there, somewhere!

About 25C, 10,032 steps.

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