Dark Clouds, No Rain

The city under cloud

Well, in spite of being followed by these dark, rumbly clouds, we got our full walk in, with just a few drops in the last five minutes. We even saw some pelicans flying above our heads, but the photo was ‘inconclusive’ (bad).

A closer view
From MacKinnon Ravine

In the end it didn’t even rain, at least not in Glenora or Oliver.

16C, 11596 steps.

2 replies on “Dark Clouds, No Rain”

  1. Hi Donna

    Just wanted to let you know I love your photos and your writing -have been perusing this site for the past couple of years. Your heading “we are in hell” made me laugh as I’m currently hiding out in my not air conditioned home.


  2. Hey thanks!! I always think I’m writing this blog for myself, so the fact that you took the time to contact me is so nice! Yeah, this heatwave. Until this week, I didn’t know it was possible to eat your own weight in popsicles, but now I know. No air-conditioning either. Brutal.

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