Hello Whitemud Ravine

Whitemud Creek from the powerline footbridge

Beautiful solo walk in Whitemud Ravine this morning, starting at the Power Line (which is missing a huge swath of trees on the south side), and then into the ravine, up and around, back into the ravine, and then out at the other side of Westbrook.

Whitemud Ravine Creek from the first viewpoint

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken this route, which always reminds me of Maggie. The birdsong was magnificent, but the creek could use some rain.

Whitemud Creek from the ‘second’ bridge
One of the many frog bogs, which could use some water. No frogs obvs.
Ubiquitous chipmunk on the viewing deck, above the boardwalk
Bring on the rain!

About 10,000 steps. 19C and humid.

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