Nice to Meet You, Crab Spider

Nice to meet you

As I may have mentioned once or twice in this blog, there is very often something that happens on every walk that makes it stand out in some way — like, this is the thing I was meant to see, or hear. I always know that moment. Today, it was a crab spider blushing pink inside a wild rose blossom. I’m not a huge fan of spiders in the house, but outside they can be quite interesting. I’ve seen the odd crab spider in my lifetime, and they are always white, but in this case it had taken on the colour of the flower, which it can do given the right circumstances. Lucky me.

I had gone off trail to be closer to the river and when I was finished drinking in the delirious sounds of Whitemud Creek rushing madly toward the river, I looked around at the damp woods and spotted something in the yellow filaments of a wild rose. Behold, a pink crab spider (which I later identified). This is what I had come to see, apparently. Once I photographed her and thanked her for not moving, I couldn’t wait to share the news.

Lately, my introverted self has been suffering from lack of alone time, so I tearily proposed to Tom that once a week I head off on my own for a walk. This was one of them, and it was spectacularly eventful, at least in a quiet and sweetly personal way which is my favourite kind of event.

Whitemud Ravine Creek South
Sorry squirrel, you’re not the cutest thing I saw in the ravine today, but damn close…

24C (but cooler in the ravine)

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