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Tawatinâ Bridge

Warm lunchtime walk in and around Louise McKinney Park and the new(ish) Tawatinâ Bridge. Beautiful day and I love the Indigenous art. Need to spend more time exploring the area although I still miss the old Cloverdale pedestrian-only footbridge. 7C.

Glad they retained the Trans Canada Trail system donation wall. Sandra bought one for us before she passed away.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”

Along our route in Glenora

The above quote is by L.M. Montgomery from Anne of Green Gables. I don’t remember the book per se, but I remember this quote. It’s true. October is beautiful. September is when things start to change, and some years it is well underway before the start of October. This year, it has stayed mostly green and warm but in the last week, basically since the start of October, the GREAT YELLOWING has begun in earnest.

Today as I write this, it is coolish (14C), rainy and windy. Yesterday, when I hosted Thanksgiving dinner, it was sunny and 22C. Tom and I even managed to go for a walk before the turkey entered its final journey to deliciousness around 2 pm.

But, as is often the case, I am writing this blogpost days after a notable walk. Here we go.

Hello Ramsay Ravine!

What a beautiful October 1 walk! 21C. Ramsay Ravine is finally open again after a summer’s worth of erosion repair. I’ve been checking periodically and even questioned the City of Edmonton on Twitter, and they said end of September, and alas, they were right, although the original opening date was mid-summer.

More Ramsay Ravine!
MacKinnon Ravine in its fall clothes
MacKinnon Ravine with bonus Tom

A Respite From the Rain

MacKinnon Ravine

It was an absolutely beautiful day. Everything is so waterlogged (but green!) — the sun is a welcome sight. Made it down to the (very high) river. We are 30 to 50 mm above our normal rainfall for June, and there’s still 6 days left!

The ducks are enjoying the rain
Underneath the MacKinnon Ravine bridge
As of today…

Addendum on June 29 (from Josh Classen): “Despite a near-average number of days WITH rain…we’ve received WAY more measurable precip than “normal”. Long-term average for June is 78mm. We’re at 114mm so far this June with even higher amounts elsewhere in the city.”

22C, about 14,000 steps (including walking around Safeway).

Brooding Sky

Nicer than it seemed…

A great (and rare) after work walk with Tom under a brooding but non-productive sky (so far). One of the casualties of working from home are the regular walks home. Kinda miss that. Used to be the highlight of my day.

About 22C

Autumn in Terwillegar with Stella

Gorgeous walk around Terwillegar with Stella and Sharon this morning. (Part of my ‘interloper’ period while we await possession day on the 15th.) A bit of rain last night so everything smelled fresh and spring-like. Absolutely gorgeous. Too cold for Stella to have a dip, but she would have been more than game.

About 1C when we left, 7C now.

The Old Museum in Old Glenora

The old museum sunning itself

[Addendum: I’ve uploaded better photos from a June 29 walk.]

Very often, after my work day is over, I walk over to Glenora to ‘pick up’ Tom and then we walk back to my place. It’s a relatively short walk, about 25 minutes, but I can make it longer by walking via Mackinnon Ravine, or finding different ways to get to where I’m going.

Front entrance

Today, I wandered around the old provincial museum grounds, which I haven’t been to in many years, and I’m not sure I ever walked around the perimeter, at least not unless I had aged relatives with me.

First Nations hieroglyphs

It’s such a beautiful piece of land, right above the river valley. I really like the new museum downtown but this location is unbeatable, and full of childhood memories. It’s possible the old museum will be torn down, and the grounds will no longer be accessible to the public. Who knows?

Not sure if this fountain is dry because the museum is closed, or for budgetary reasons
Beautiful and weird

Walk while you can, and if you have a moment, sign the petition to save this beautiful piece of Edmonton’s history.

This wall sculpture is pretty weird tho’
Animal wall sculpture on the east wall
The trail behind the museum, soon to be explored!

From the petition site, a little more about the museum (by June Acorn):

Built in 1965, the Alberta Provincial Museum Building on 102 Avenue and 129th Street in Edmonton stands as a true gem of modernist yet historic Alberta architecture. This beautiful structure is adorned by fossil-rich Tyndall Limestone from the Red River Formation, extensive marble interiors and exquisite brass fittings. The South face of the build has reproductions of the First Nations hieroglyphs of Writing-On-Stone Provincial park carved into the walls. The building is a cherished place for generations of Albertans and the site of many wonderful memories of learning and discovery. The grounds of the building are already a beautiful green space and the new building stands in elegant relation to the also historic Government House.