Is He Smiling at Me?

I think this is a Common Green Darner Dragonfly

Interesting lunchtime walk today. It was only about 21C because of the smoke, but hella humid. Walked over to Emily Murphy Park and then back up the steep MacKinnon Ravine hill. Other than visiting the lower riverside trail in Emily Murphy for the first time this year, the highlight of the walk was a inadvertent photo of a dragonfly. At one of the lookout points in MacKinnon Ravine, I was taking a shot of some common tansey (as one does) and noticed the dragonfly, or perhaps a damsel fly. Upon closer inspection, I could see that he was smiling! Or at least, it looked like he was smiling. Maybe because we both agreed that we did not miss the sun pounding on our backs.

I love him
Emily Murphy Park lower trail

The trail in Emily Murphy was really wavy, like an intestine.

Also saw this bastard in Emily Murphy. His antenna (or eyebrows?) were on point.

MacKinnon Ravine

12,010 steps.

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