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In praise of tables…and coyotes

Yo, dog

Tom and I often end up at a coffee shop during our walks, so this is just a little appreciation post for tables. I mean, regular waist-level tables that you can rest your arms on and lean into, not the barbaric knee-level tables in coffee shops that are meant to be ‘casual’ but are actually the opposite, cruelly exposing one’s soft underbelly and leaving us open to all manner of predatory attack. And what do you do with your arms?? It’s a minor quibble, but for those of us who are not comfortable exposing ourselves to strangers, give us normal tables. And thanks for the coffee.

Also, we saw a coyote along Ravine Drive next to MacKinnon Ravine. He seemed unimpressed by our presence, focused on something in the bush. Also, he seemed to be molting, or hadn’t seen a brush for awhile. Tom spotted this one, and also the last one we saw in Glenora near his old house. He’s got some kind of coyote radar.

Run away little squirrel/rabbit/dog/cat…

The walk was pleasant enough. -2C but very windy, as all of the days have been in April.

We Are in Hell

The morning river, looking east.

I pretty much hate everything about this heat wave, and heat in general. Yesterday (Saturday) was 31C and Wednesday could be 40C, which would be a historical high. In my opinion, anything over 22C is excessive, and the sun (which I normally love) streams though my south and especially west windows until 10 pm. The blinds and fans only go so far.

On the bright side however, Tom and I have been heading out in the early mornings for our walk (today, 6:30 a.m.). The temperature is in the high teens but feels cool and beautiful. Hardly any people, mostly shade, and the cool shower after I’ve come back home feels absolutely gorgeous.

The morning river, looking west. So quiet.

One disturbing observation, however. In Glenora south (across 102 Ave), there are worms hanging from some of the trees. I hadn’t noticed that the Elms of Glenora eventually give way to Ash trees, and I fear these might be the dreaded leafroller caterpillars that I’ve written about ad nauseum in previous posts. Up until this year (as far as I know), they’ve only infested Rossdale and the lower river valley near the University of Alberta. Could they be up here now, or is this some other vile pest? In either case, we are able to mostly avoid them by walking down the middle of the street, but that first early morning walk, I had to brush a few off Tom. Ugh.

A hot air balloon waits….
Free at last! The hot air balloon aloft, and Tom (Ravine Drive)

Addendum to this post: the record breaking heat continues. As of Monday, we stopped walking in the mornings. It’s no longer cooling off at night, so it’s already too hot to walk (especially after an uncomfortable sleep). Hopefully we can return to our morning walks this weekend!

From Mike Sobel (Global Edmonton)
I thought it was interesting that the graffiti artist took the time to add hair sprouting from the arms and legs

Dark Clouds, No Rain

The city under cloud

Well, in spite of being followed by these dark, rumbly clouds, we got our full walk in, with just a few drops in the last five minutes. We even saw some pelicans flying above our heads, but the photo was ‘inconclusive’ (bad).

A closer view
From MacKinnon Ravine

In the end it didn’t even rain, at least not in Glenora or Oliver.

16C, 11596 steps.

The Glenora Fountain Flows Again!

The fountain is fountaining!

Very happy to see the Alexander Circle fountain in Glenora is back on this year! In 2020, with the city shut down and the economy devastated from Covid, very few if none of the public fountains were running. Not sure I agreed with that since the outside was all we had, but whatever, it’s back on!

View o’er MacKinnon Bridge

It was a beautiful and ludicrously green walk with Tom in and around Glenora and Ravine Drive. I guess if there is one benefit to being laid off, it’s the loads of time it affords me to walk whenever I want.

This place has really gone to seed…

About 20C. 11,483 steps.


Our (almost) Daily Walk

Glenora/Ravine Drive

Colourful walk yesterday with Tom, along our usual route. This is our most common walk, starting in Glenora and ending on 142 Street close to Laurier Heights, with a long stretch along beautiful Ravine Drive. It clocks in just under two hours, and around 13,000 steps. It can be repetitive, but it’s always beautiful. We mix it up by walking down into MacKinnon Ravine sometimes, but generally, it’s just a good, dependable walk.

Along Ravine Drive

Today we saw pelicans flying in V formation in the sky, but I wasn’t quick enough to snap a photo, so I relied on the usual spring suspects: dandelions and lilacs.

Windy and cool(ish). 14C.