Whitemud Creek Gone Green

Green and spectacular

While my internet and TV are out, and before I go fully feral, here are some photos from my walk this morning with Sharon and Stella in Whitemud Creek Ravine (north).

It’s a wonderful trail, mostly flat, with great views of the curvy creek which has now turned a kind of sludgy green, although it’s still very much frozen. Mill Creek does that too. Not sure where that colour comes from. It’s actually a little more day-glo than my photos suggest.

Stella, refusing to pose again…

I’m no fan of grey skies, but the temperature was pleasant with no wind, so I will take it. I need to walk with Sharon and Stella when it’s sunny! We always seem to pick days that are overcast.

Random tiny birdhouses!
Random tiny birdhouses (with googly eyeballs)!

-5C, 12,450 steps.

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