Frosty and Blue

A frosty Donna

Drove over to Whitemud Ravine south (Westbrook trail head) to walk with Sharon, Vic and Stella. It was a frosty, beautiful morning walk under blue skies. It’s hard to stay inside when the sun is shining.

Be-masked Sharon, Vic and Stella, who chose not to wear a mask

If we couldn’t be together for Christmas, at least we can go for walks. And even though we were outside, because we were walking fairly close to each other, we all wore masks. It gave me a chance to bust out my “Tell Your Dog I Said Hi” mask. A ridiculously true statement. It’s also on my car.

Blue shadows in Whitemud Ravine
Prehistoric handprints on the guardrail?

There were lots of folks on the trails, no surprise, and spikes were an absolute necessity since the Whitemud trails have lots of ups and downs. I don’t walk enough on that beloved trail. It’s as familiar to me now, and as resonant with sense memories, as my old favourite Mill Creek Ravine – another neglected trail. There are definitely some spectacular river valley trails where I live now, but I am missing the variety.

Bluest blue creek
So many blue shadows
At the far end of Whitemud Ravine south (next to Rainbow Valley Road
Hoar frost or rime, not sure…

-7C/about an hour

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