Groat Road

Groat Road from the 102 Ave bridge

And now a word about Groat Road.

It’s carved into the river valley. The views as a driver and as a pedestrian are beautiful. It can be dangerous because it’s voluptuous and curvy. It’s also fun to drive.

There is a road down there some place….

When I’m walking to Tom’s I have to cross it at some point. Because it curves, it’s closest to me when I take the 102 Avenue route, crossing over the bridge at about 126th Street. If I walk over to 107th, there’s another bridge on about 131st. The 102 route is much nicer, and once I cross the bridge, I’m at the museum, one of my favourite walks these days.

On the bridge over Groat Road looking east

When I started out on my walk, I was only planning on taking one photo, but it’s just impossible. Everywhere you look it’s gorgeous. I thought I was going to get rained on, but literally only one drop, and a distant, too faint for a photo rainbow.

The old provincial museum
That view (at the museum) never disappoints
More of that gorgeous trail…
Red, red leaves, goes to my head…
Hello river…
Only one drop…

20C, windy. 10,613 steps.

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