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A Perfect Summer Day (with shade)

Kind of a perfect summer day. A little hot for me but nothing a bit of shade couldn’t take care of. No smoke, and a couple of brief rain episodes have greened things up. More rain would be great, but today’s circuitous walk via the museum to Tom’s was super nice. Also, a bonus kitty!

Tiny perfect pinecones…

The Panther of Glenora

26C, 10,342 steps.

Don’t Rain on Me

View from over the 102nd bridge over Groat Road

Just a short walk, to Tom’s and then back. Somehow, it didn’t rain on me, although the skies were very rumbly and dark. This is the only kind of cloudy sky I like, when it looks like it will storm (even if it doesn’t).

Blue sky to the east. My favourite view from the museum is coming along…


The museum trail, overcast but warm

Another pleasant, melty walk through the Museum grounds to Tom’s and then over to Numchok Wilai for some Thai take out. For a couple of vegetarians, their Massaman Beef is out of this &$!?# world!

6C, 10,088 steps.

Around the ‘hood

Trees at the museum

Well, it was a beautiful day, sun-wise. The temperature is starting to drop after a pretty warm January overall.

‘My’ trail at the museum
Looking southeast
Looking southwest

Too late to coordinate with Tom, but we met coming around the corner along Ravine Drive!

Looking over the 102 bridge at Groat Road

About -13C to -11C over a couple of hours. 10,170 steps

December Sunset

The road west of the museum, south of 102 Ave.

Another gorgeous sunset (ho hum) walk through Oliver, the old Museum, Glenora to pick up Tom, and then back to my place. A very common walk for me now, which is great because it’s a walk, and the views are spectacular, especially if I catch the sun setting (at 4:16 p.m. now). Not much else to report!

Groat Road looking south #1
Groat Road looking south #2!
Museum trail (again!)