An Hour in MacKinnon Ravine

MacKinnon Ravine crossroads

My cheeks are on fire (upper cheeks) but the gorgeous walk was worth the windburn.

View of the river from MacKinnon Ravine (with bonus water outtake)

Sunny, warm enough (capris/tank top) and as always lately, windy. Oliver 👉 MacKinnon Ravine 👉 142 Street 👉 Ravine Drive 👉 Glenora to pick up Tom 👉 Oliver. About two hours, 18C, 15,609 steps. (The step count includes a brief shopping trip this morning to Michael’s to buy a particular crow which they didn’t have but I did find some candy eyeballs for my Christmas goats so not totally fruitless.) 🌝☀️

From MacKinnon Ravine Bridge

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