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Rundle Park with Tom

Wow. Tom and I had a BEAUTIFUL walk on Sunday morning through Gold Bar Park and Rundle Park in northeast Edmonton, joined together by a bridge very much like my old friend, the Cloverdale Footbridge.

It was a sunny, cool morning, and we walked for 90 minutes around the parks, sidestepping many geese who loitered and slept near the paths, with apparently no fucks to give. It was so bucolic!

When I walked there a few weeks ago with Sharon, we didn’t see the fountains. They were amazing.

Adolescent goose.

Home Through the Woods

Just one of the many beautiful walks home. The daisy’s are from around campus, but the view of the river valley is from the path that runs under and adjacent Victoria Park Road – my little discovery last year. I should really try to walk it in winter. My only issue is that last winter was especially icy, and this path is quite hilly.

So glad that this path is open to me again after what seemed like more than a month of caterpillars, my June nemesis. I’m not 100% happy with my commute routes, but they are better than what I had living in south Edmonton. I still miss my Mill Creek trails.

The Pig of Glenora

Well, maybe not a pig. A javelina? A razorback boar? Whatever he is, I love him. He lives Glenora, in Tom’s neighbourhood, about two blocks from where he lives. Not sure if someone made him or if he was purchased, but as far as garden gnomage is concerned, this guy wins. I hope we get to meet the home owners at some point. They need to be thanked for bringing this charming boy (or girl?) into the ‘hood.

As always, Glenora is spectacularly beautiful. Tom has begun to walk for a couple of hours every morning, so on the weekends, I usually join him at least once. The walk goes as far as Valleyview and Ravine Drive. Very, very nice houses, but also, incredible views of the river valley, and some lovely gardens.

At one point I spotted this beautiful creature on a leaf. I found out later that he is a Hummingbird Clearwing moth! I wished I had brought my actual camera. His tail is actually quite fuzzy, but you just can’t get the closeups with a phone.

And of course, this time of year, there is nothing more beautiful than sunflowers against a blue, blue sky.

Since I am writing this after the fact, I can’t remember what the temperature was. Probably around 15C.


Continuing on a theme…we had a near record-breaking wet July, and parts of June, and now, parts of August (I’m writing this after the fact). On the one hand, it’s wonderful. The grass, the flowers, the trees, everything is going nuts. It’s beautiful. I would MUCH rather have too much rain than not enough.

On the other hand, it’s hard to plan anything. It’s rained almost every day, and sometimes very, very hard rain. Some festivals have been compromised. While it only rained two of the four days of Folk Fest, the grounds were so wet they trucked in sand and placed wooden walkways everywhere. The ground underfoot was still soft, however.

For me, I’ll take the rain. The weather has also been cooler than average, which makes it easier to walk and easier to sleep.

Most of my walks in July have been commutes, with a handful of longer routes thrown in. The caterpillars buggered off about the second week of July so at least I have the river valley back.

Is that…the sun?

God knows I love a rainy day. If I am not at work, it’s like free time. I don’t feel pressured to do anything but read. And drink coffee. And listen to the lovely sound of raindrops on kittens, or something like that. But this is getting ridiculous. We’ve had so much rain from mid-June to now, mushrooms have become the official plant of Edmonton, and I swear some of them are becoming sentient.

According to local weatherologist Josh Classen this is only the second rainiest period (June 1-July 7) in the recent past at 138 mm of rain, and we’ve had more rain since he made that graphic. However, enough complaining. Yesterday evening (Wednesday), the clouds broke after an exceedingly gloomy day, and the sun and blue sky were like a spa day and jail break rolled into one. It was beautiful.

I drove over to Sharon’s for dinner, and a walk with Stella. We walked along the powerline and then into Whitemud Ravine. The creek, as expected, was very high and fast which made Stella even more nervous about crossing the wooden bridge, but she made it and we had a great time. She looked particularly lovely nosing about in the clover.

The good thing about the rain is the lushness of the foliage, and a reprieve from the always looming drought, but today it’s once again overcast and cool. Looking forward to my day off on Friday which is supposed to be sunny and warm. O Great Mushroom Lord of the Sky, let it be.

Whitemud Creek

Wednesday (19C) 7:20 – 8:15 pm