Not really sunset, but an evening sun (around 7 pm) over MacKinnon Bridge looking west

Hard to know if this should be under the heading of: a day in the life of Donna or; you can’t write this stuff.

Tom and I were out for an evening walk, and I tripped. Didn’t hurt myself too much, a slightly scraped hand, broken sunglasses, a sore boob. The usual. The funny part was that an hour prior, I had put on some fake tan stuff on my legs. As we were walking, I said to Tom, “this is great because I just put some self tanner on my legs so I need to stay upright.” Actually, more like, …upriiiiiiggghhttahhh. Literally, I tripped as that word came out of my mouth.

I usually trip once a year. I guess considering the number of walks I go on and the amount of territory I cover, it’s not a surprise that I trip every now and then, but I do seem to trip more than others. The other thing is that I always fall forward, other than that spectacular fall backward on black ice in 2020. I think I need to work on my core strength.

Tom o’er MacKinnon Bridge

Other than that, a really beautiful evening walk. 23C. Doesn’t seem quite as humid.

Other side of the MacKinnon Bridge, looking east
A familiar sight, and sound. The fountain in Alexander Circle, Glenora.

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