Walking the Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge

With all due respect to the geese (who return far too early), spring in the river valley is largely absent until the second half of May, when the leaves unfurl and the dandelions appear, seemingly overnight. As I made my way down the staircase below the MacDonald Hotel, the morning already warm, the scene that […]

Not My River Valley

For the first time in months – many months – I walked in Mill Creek Ravine (on Monday, after work). I totally neglected it during the winter, and most of autumn. Sorry Mill Creek. You know you are still my favourite ravine. Since the last time I was down there, many things have changed, and […]

Goodbye Friend

Tom and I walked over the Cloverdale footbridge for the last time yesterday. The City is closing it down on Monday; its destruction nigh. I have written extensively in this blog about the south east LRT (now called the Valley Line) expansion into the river valley. I’ve attended public forums, sent letters to the Edmonton […]

Of Bridges and Robins

It was a very cold Saturday, but Tom and I braved the wind to join a human chain of Cloverdale Footbridge supporters in yet another effort to show our love for a part of the river valley that will soon be torn asunder once the Valley Line LRT is underway. It was a great. It […]

Two Walks

Haven’t been keeping up with the blog, so here’s two walks for the price of one. Last Tuesday in Rossdale/Louise McKinney/Mill Creek and today the trail along Fort Edmonton Park. Both days were gorgeous. We are really having a fabulous October, which makes up for the cool, rainy September. Some leaves are still hanging in […]

Stuck on Mute

The season of muted colours continues in the river valley. The cloudless blue sky, happily, is the exception to the rule. It’s an early spring, by which I mean we’ve already lost most of the snow and the trees and bushes are in active bud. And yet, from a distance, they still look so soft, […]