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Warm and Halloweeny

October 16 overlooking MacKinnon Ravine west. It was about 8C.

October continues to be warm and halloweeny. Our neighbourhood has gone all out and so has the surrounding neighbourhoods of Glenora, Ravine Drive and Crestwood (basically everywhere we most commonly walk).

On October 30 (Sunday), it was 17C! At The Colombian, the coffee shop we always stop at during our walks, we had yet another Oilers sighting – this time Darnell Nurse – looking very smashing indeed. He saw us, mostly because Tom was wearing his Oilers hat. We got a smile, and Tom said, “Great game buddy,” referring to their delicious win over the Flames the previous night.

Here’s a few photos from that walk, and a few others.

October 26, looking (as we often do) at the river
UCP member
It wasn’t actually meant to be horizontal, it was just super windy!
Tom’s comment: “Why is that thing bum fucking a pumpkin?” You can’t unsee it…
Friends, Romans, Corpses…

Smoky and Hot

MacKinnon Ravine under a smoky morning sun

Another early morning walk (before the 32C heat kicks in and the Blue Jays game starts), but not too early (about 7:30 am). Beautiful and a bit smoky from the fire in Jasper. During our 90+ minute walk, the temperature went from 15C to 21C. 10,000+ steps.

Morning dew on a spider web
Wild rose in repose


Not really sunset, but an evening sun (around 7 pm) over MacKinnon Bridge looking west

Hard to know if this should be under the heading of: a day in the life of Donna or; you can’t write this stuff.

Tom and I were out for an evening walk, and I tripped. Didn’t hurt myself too much, a slightly scraped hand, broken sunglasses, a sore boob. The usual. The funny part was that an hour prior, I had put on some fake tan stuff on my legs. As we were walking, I said to Tom, “this is great because I just put some self tanner on my legs so I need to stay upright.” Actually, more like, …upriiiiiiggghhttahhh. Literally, I tripped as that word came out of my mouth.

I usually trip once a year. I guess considering the number of walks I go on and the amount of territory I cover, it’s not a surprise that I trip every now and then, but I do seem to trip more than others. The other thing is that I always fall forward, other than that spectacular fall backward on black ice in 2020. I think I need to work on my core strength.

Tom o’er MacKinnon Bridge

Other than that, a really beautiful evening walk. 23C. Doesn’t seem quite as humid.

Other side of the MacKinnon Bridge, looking east
A familiar sight, and sound. The fountain in Alexander Circle, Glenora.

The (Baby)Magpie Show

Found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut last night…

I was weeding this morning and a juvenile magpie popped over and posed for some photos, mostly from her perch on Earth Pig — prime hunting ground for peanuts (or so I’m told). Very calm. Ludicrously gorgeous. I edited down from about 100 photos.

Earth Pig is ground zero for peanuts
Shake those tailfeathers

Oh no, it’s the rapture

What a beautiful evening! Slipped out for a walk while Tom was napping. Tomorrow, more rain, but tonight we feast on sunshine and green, green grass.

On the way home just past MacKinnon bridge on the north side, there was an entire wardrobe of clothes draped sporadically around the rails and pathway, including a pair of pants. The rapture? Don’t tell me those bastards were right.

The bridge over MacKinnon Ravine – the site of the latest rapture episode?

About 20C