Home sweet home

And it was. An absolute whirlwind.

In late August, Tom and I decided to move in together, by which I mean, selling his house and buying another, and exiting both of our homes. Sounds simple, but it was very complicated, and the severe amount of adulting required sapped me of all energy to write in my blogs, or really do much of anything else but plan, pack, and stress. We bought a beautiful townhouse just west of Glenora in Grovenor, and we’ve been here since November 15. Actually, November 17. We got possession on the 15th, and although our move in date was November 16, we rescheduled to the following day because we got the first dump of winter on the 16th — 20 cm of snow, blowing winds and frigid temperatures. And no shovel.

In spite of my efforts to downsize, I still have a lot of stuff and it took a long time to pack, and unpack, especially the books. At times, often in fact, it feels oppressive. I don’t move easily or happily but the end result of this move is one of the positive things in an otherwise shitty 2021. I paused looking for employment from September to December because this move was a full-time job. Perhaps that’s a cop-out but it’s been incredibly difficult to hold different and sometimes opposing thoughts in my brain these last few months. I’m not a good multi-tasker, and I was lucky to be able to focus on one thing (with many tangled facets). Tom was able to walk most days, but I was just too busy. All of the things I love to do have fallen off the priority list. I hope I find them again.

The other thing preventing me from walking is the weather. Soon after the massive snow fall on November 16, we had several freezing rain episodes. The roads and sidewalks were absolutely treacherous, iced to a mirror sheen. We haven’t taken off our spikes at all this winter. Since then, however, it’s been cold. Almost a month of record-breaking cold.

CTV weather guy Josh Classen: “10 of the past 12 days in Edmonton had highs below -15. Eight of those days had highs below -20! The last deep freeze THIS cold for THIS long was 1996-97. If you factor in the forecast – we’ll top that. Sunday (Jan 9) should make it 13 of 17 straight days where we don’t get above -20.”

Our view of the neighbourhood is very pretty, especially when it’s sunny, but other than Sunday, January 2, no walks.

Starting Monday of next week, it’s supposed to warm up to 0C. Can’t wait.

And…I start a new job on January 17th! Back at the U of A as a communications associate, focused on writing, but with three new faculties. Still remote for the foreseeable future.

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