Christmas Day Walk

What you can’t see is all the sparkle in the snow and snowmen

Gorgeous Christmas Day walk with Tom in and around Glenora, Ravine Drive, MacKinnon Bridge, and Laurier Heights.

It was supposed to be cloudy and below zero, but it was bright, sparkly and just the right balance of festively nippy and sun-warmed. Altogether beautiful, in other words. Many people out walking, lots of friendly ‘Merry Christmas’ exchanges. It was very cheering, especially considering that I spent my entire Christmas without my family. Just Tom and me.

The Alberta covid restrictions meant that I couldn’t get together with my family as per usual, and by usual I mean, every year of my life. So even though Tom stayed over, I opened presents (from my family) by myself in the morning and made Christmas dinner by myself, just for Tom and I.

A view from Ravine Drive that never disappoints….

I am grateful for that relationship, but Tom isn’t very Christmassy. He indulged me by watching A Christmas Carol, Charlie Brown Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life, but it’s not the same as being with family, with all our shared histories. The bright spot was an hour and a half Zoom call in the morning, and the walk in the afternoon.

1C and sunny. 12,193 steps

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