Gilbert Water Ranch

Thursday, March 5: This morning, we went to the Gilbert Water Ranch. It’s a riparian preserve, which means it’s a wetland and therefore a popular bird-watching area. Stella is a fan of chasing the tiny rabbits. Lots of egrets, quail, cormorants, a great blue heron, a Cooper’s hawk, ring-necked ducks, hummingbirds, Canada geese, and other assorted bird life. None of which I managed to capture well on my phone. However, I do having a photo of a turtle eating a fish taco (without the taco). Riparianastic!

Weirdly, Sharon met a book club friend from Edmonton, who was also birding, so while they caught up with each other’s bird and personal bizness, I walked with Stella, bracing myself for every time she saw a rabbit. It’s a very pleasant walk. Flat, birdy, and entertaining for all.

A blurry desert bunny
Turtle life
That’s what’s for dinner

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