April Snow

Well, it’s been more than a month since I last posted. In that month, we’ve been virtually snow-free, except for the deepest parts of the ravine. We’ve also had two major 10cm+ dumps of snow. Melting, snow, rain, melting, snow, rain and so on. Very few precipitation-free days. The good news is that we are not having a droughty spring. The bad news, snow. So. Much. Snow. Today it was a virtual white-out, but with temperatures just above zero. The grass is greening up, when you can see it.

Not gonna lie, I love a nice goose bum

There are also green things poking up from the mud. And lake-sized puddles.

I need some sun.

I’ve had a few walks this month but far fewer than I would like. Yesterday, Sharon, Vic and I walked to the pond along the power line. The water is completely open, and a few ducks and some geese were floating around as dumbfounded as the rest of us.

Whitemud Creek in full rage on April 23
Whitemud Creek on March 25

March 26, I went down to north Whitemud Ravine and photographed seagulls on the river, mostly.

Yesterday, wet geese and a raging Whitemud Creek.

All walks are good. Lately, my right leg is bothering me, like it’s misaligned or something, but once I get walking, it’s fine. The key is to get walking.

Whitemud Creek, cold and damned (March 25)
The North Saskatchewan River on March 25

Hopefully, in the next few days, the sun will come out and a proper spring can begin. And by spring I mean no snow and lots of blossoms.

And now, seagulls:

3C, or thereabouts, for most of April (although to be fair it was in the mid-teens last week…)

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