The snow is gone and the frogs are back!

I guess we’re kinda sorta on track, spring-wise. This time last year there was more greenery and even blossoms, but it was also very droughty. This year, no drought, but the greening has been delayed because of multiple snow events and coolish temperatures. Today and yesterday, it reached 21C. Tomorrow even hotter, and then very nice for the next week. Spring is here!

I’m taking a couple of days off and so this afternoon I headed into Whitemud Ravine after about a month. There is no snow anywhere and the frog bogs are full of water and frogs, singing their love-sick frog songs.

On that theme, I stood for quite a long time photographing frogs. With the bird song and frog song wafting in the warm air, it just doesn’t get any more bucolic. The frogs were hanging out, clearly enjoying the beautiful day just like me, but with more slime. I saw ducks too, but DUCKS ARE DEAD TO ME (until the Oilers successfully out of this second round of playoffs).

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