Snow the ground and flying in the air

Whitemud Creek
Whitemud Creek

Went for a quicky yesterday morning which turned into a longy…as these things happen. Actually, it was only about an hour but I went longer than I intended – up to the pond along the powerline. It snowed again on Friday (Oct 14), and I wanted to get out and experience the beautiful, if somewhat premature winter landscape before it melted back into fall. If it does.

Whitemud Ravine powerline
Whitemud Ravine powerline (note the green leaves!)


As expected, it was beautiful. The creek wasn’t frozen but had a slight skim of ice on top, like the pond. On the water, just a lone mallard and a common goldeneye giving itself a vigorous cleaning. At least I think that’s what she was doing with her leg up in the air. Maybe her foot was just cold. Who knows ducks? Also, I saw a flock of snow geese flying in v-formation above me. I thought they were regular Canada geese, but they did have an odd sound. Only when I enlarged the picture could I see their snowy feathers. I’m lucky to see to have seen them.

Common Goldeneye with uncommon flexibility
You lookin' at me?
You lookin’ at me?
Snow geese
Snow geese

10:30-noon/1C (Saturday)

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