Weird Fall

The trail below the University/Saskatchewan Drive
The trail below the University/Saskatchewan Drive

The snow is long gone. It was fully gone a week after it snowed in early October, and since then, we’ve had pretty nice weather. Double digits this last week, and on Thursday it was 19C. Today, rain. Lots of rain. On Friday, however, Tom and I made our way to downtown via the river valley. It was monochromatic and quiet. We lost a couple of the best weeks of fall to a premature snow and now, it’s long past peak – the woods settled contentedly into the sepias and browns of late autumn. Beautiful, in its own whispered way.


The walk on Friday was about 45 minutes, followed by a bit of wayward wandering downtown. It’s supposed to be 16C on Tuesday, so I’ll try to walk home, or some version thereof.


Friday 13C/Sunday (today) 7C

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