Hawrelak Uncovered

Hawrelak geese
Hawrelak geese

A much-needed walk down to Hawrelak Park on Friday at lunch. As I have mentioned a few times, Hawrelak seagullthese walks with Tom take about 75 minutes because they include a 15 stop for a packed lunch, but I feel like I put in enough time to warrant a occasional leisurely lunch. Last time we were down there, it was still snow-covered. Now, other than the sad mound of melted ice leftover from the ice palace, the park is entirely clear and greening up fast. It was spectacularly beautiful and soothing. Lots of geese (probably preggers), ducks, crows and about a billion seagulls.

Just what I needed.

Hawrelak lake

Hawrelak birdies

Hawrelak trail
On the way to Hawrelak Park

12:00 to 1:20/13C

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