Rainbow Valley Road?

Beaver and/or Muscrat

Beaver and/or Muscrat

It’s so nice to just walk out the door right now. It’s beautiful, warm, and I try to wear as little as possible. You know, within reason.

Walked through Westbrook into the ravine, and then all the way to snow valley. (And back, of course.) The creek by by Rainbow Valley road is completely dammed. Not in a satanic way, but in a beaver damn way. I’m not sure where the dam is. Probably around the curve. And by the way, I didn’t know that road or that area is called Rainbow Valley until this very moment. It begs the question, why isn’t the Snow Valley Ski Hill called the Rainbow Valley Ski Hill? Anywho, the creek was much higher and quieter than any other area in Whitemud Ravine. Thanks beavers.

I even saw a beaver, or a muscrat. Hard to see the tail, he was swimming at the time. I was walking

Grumpy Duck

Grumpy Duck

through a mostly overgrown monkey path to get a better view of a goldeneye duck, but I saw the beaver instead. I don’t think beavers are that active midday, so it was probably a muscrat. Nice to see it, whatever it was.

Fantastic, two-hour walk. Smelly and hot. Summery. The whole shebang.

1:00 to 3:00/24C

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