Lush wild rose

Other than walks from the University to downtown last week, no big walks since last weekend. And about that university walk, the worms have moved in. I don’t recall the leaf roller caterpillars on the trails below the university before, just along Saskatchewan Drive. But when I was mindlessly hiking along the trail toward the LRT bridge, I almost ran into a grove of dangling worm. I had to walk back and find a worm-free path onto ‘dragonfly’ alley – the self-named gravel path that leads to the train bridge. Which I did. As long as I stay further west, the trail seems free of ash trees and their disgusting caterpillar freeloaders. Ah well, June is almost over. People are probably looking at the pale and deadish swaths of trees in the river valley and thinking it’s due to drought, but it’s the worms. The green leaves come back, but once again, they’ve left the trees looking like shit.

Lush powerline

Whitemud Ravine, however, remains gloriously free of ash trees (I think) and caterpillars of the green, wormy, hangy-down variety. It rained last night, but even if it hadn’t, the ravine is lush. I particularly love the area just past the bridge along the power line, where the grass is high and full of flowers and bushes of wild roses. Maggie used to leap through the grass into the creek, but that is out of the question now. No hills for her. No leaping. As of two days ago, she’s on new arthritis pain medication, so I’m happy to say that we were able to walk around the block this morning. Who knows, maybe she will be able to go for longer walks at some point.

Lush sky

Lush green

1:45 to 3:15PM/19C

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