So Much Lovely

Whitemud butterfly

Winter’s great, but it’s so nice to throw on a pair of running shoes and just go. No planning. No worrying about ice. A thousand photo opportunities. Not that winter isn’t beautiful, because it most certainly is, especially the wide landscape shots, but there’s just more to see in late spring and summer. Everything is humming and shimmering. So many shades of green. No photo (of mine) ever captures how truly immersive the ravine is – the beautiful sounds and smells in the woods. All the beautiful little things. All the beautiful big things. Today especially, I missed at least three or four bird shots because the birds were too fast, too far away, or my photo wasn’t in focus. Ultimately, It doesn’t matter. The point is to be in the woods. The photos are just the cherries. But boy, when I get a good cherry…

Whitemud wild rose

I missed a yellow warbler, who was like a flash of sunshine in the fluttering poplar leaves. I also missed a hairy or downy woodpecker (not sure which), that landed on the little viewpoint above the wooden stairs and boardwalk in Whitemud Ravine south (near the third bridge). I was taking pictures of the chipmunks, who seem to be everywhere at the moment, and this checkerboard appeared in front of my camera. He did land, but flew away before I could take a good shot. And then some sort of small black bird in the tree above, with a lovely voice. So much lovely. Everywhere.

Mallard cooling his duck feet

Mallard cooling his duck feet

Nicely hot, but not humid. Great walking weather.

Whitemud dragonfly

Whitemud Blackbird 1

Some sort of…black…bird….

Whitemud fuzzies

Whitemud fuzzies

Whitemud Chipmunk

11:15AM to 1:10PM/22C

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