In Praise of Dandelions

Dandelions powerline

This is one of two posts today. In my other blog 32 Pages, I just reviewed a book called Sidewalk Flowers, and because of the subject matter, I am inspired to take photos of dandelions, that much maligned but beautiful (and useful) weed that is everywhere at the moment. Like the kid in the book, I think of them as flowers, and I don’t quite understand the hostility they incur, especially among the generously lawned. I think its best if we learn to embrace the dandelion, since it is virtually impossible to eradicate. Also, they feed the bees before the rest of the slack-ass flowers bloom in spring, so for that alone, we should be appreciative. Here’s a few photos from today. More to come.

The powerline field is lousy with dandelions
The powerline field is lousy with dandelions

Dandelions fence

They're everywhere, they're everywhere!
They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!

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