Monday Afternoon

Whitemud Hill

A pleasant, unremarkable walk. Things are greening up, warming up, and the water is a bright copper brown. I was attracting all sorts of bee action this afternoon. With few flowers in bloom, I am probably quite attractive to the bees at the moment thanks to scented hand lotion and hair products. Also, my big white forehead which at times has been mistaken for a giant blooming flower. And yet, I wasn’t dive-bombed (which is common), just encircled.

Hey! It's a new bog!
Hey! It’s a new bog!

Found a bog I didn’t know existed just past the first bridge (in Whitemud). It will be entirely grass and bushed over in a couple of weeks, but from the trail, it has always looked like the kind of place a moose would like. And now I know for sure it is.

Whitemud Hill 2

2:15 to 3:30PM/14C

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