Late Afternoon on the Powerline

Whitemud Creek

Nice little spur of the moment walk around 4:00pm, with the added bonus of being the first time I have walked in runners since the arrival of snow last November. I was intending to take the dog around the block, but she refused to move off the driveway(!), so I reluctantly scooted her back in the house and went anyway, poop bags in pocket. I walked over to the powerline, and then down into Whitemud Ravine, up the other side, and then back again. Not an imaginative walk, but still lovely and rejuvenating. It was warm and dusty. No snow or ice on any of the sidewalks or along the powerline trail, but a lot of gravel. The creek is dark brown and mostly open. It was like a late spring day – bikers (in shorts), joggers (in shorts), kids (in helmets), and me, in capris. About an hour in total.

The powerline without ice
Melt you son of a...
Melt you son of a…


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