Spring Break

Whitemud Ravine on a Saturday afternoon
Whitemud Ravine on a Saturday afternoon

The beginning of a serious stab at Spring. We should have about 10 days of plus 5 or better, and today it’s 6 and ludicrously blue and beautiful. As it’s been for most of winter thus far, it is also treacherous. My spikes held for the entire walk, and my bones are ever so grateful. Even the ravine, or should I say, especially the ravine was a sheet of ice. I expected the sidewalks on the way to Whitemud to be a combination of ice and water, but most of the snow pack in the ravine was crème brûlée’d along the hills and valleys, and I’m pretty sure I too would have been crème brûlée’d if not for the spikes. A lot of other people were wearing them too. Should have worn them when I was shoveling last week. Took a dive on the driveway and hit my head on the cement. Hard. No noticeable cognitive impairment. Ah well, the roads and trails should be fine in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll even be back into my runners.

Chickadee Saturday 7

Not too much bird activity in the woods. I could hear all our usual winter companions in the distance but few close by, except for one little chickadee who followed me part of the way home.

12:30 to 2:30/6C

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