What I Do For Vitamin D (and a Mars Bar)


Does a walk around the neighbourhood count? What if my efforts were courageous, nay even heroic? It’s been a wonky winter. More freeze/thaw situations than in previous years, and a hell of a lot more rain. It reached 7C on Thursday, and then it poured. Last night it snowed about 3 or 4 cm, and so now, Saturday, the temperature has dropped to -13C and the sidewalks are a combination of ruffled ice, sheets of ice, and sweet, sweet death. And yet…the sun is out! It’s beautiful, so I had to walk. Those stupid spikes don’t stay on and I’m wary of heading into the ravines, but to the depths of my being I needed to be under the sun, absorbing vitamin D and all the other good things the blue skies and sun radiate. With my face toward the sun, it was actually warm, and I was able to shed my mitts for half the walk. I even think I heard a robin. I teetered in the middle of the road, searching the tops of spruce trees for a hint of red, but the robin, if indeed it was a robin, stayed hidden. By the end of the half hour walk, I was thoroughly restored, upright, the robin had disappeared, and my pocket contained a Mars Bar. Just as nature intended.


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