Ice Ice Baby

It's everywhere!
It’s everywhere!

The city has turned to ice. It’s been so warm, new and giant puddles are forming everyday, and we’ve also had rain, mostly in the evenings. Rain, melting, freezing, slipping. The sideways are covered in great swaths of grey ice (I peripherally know someone who broke a hip last week), and the ravines, or at least the descent into the ravines, is a nightmare. Yesterday, it was so beautiful outside I wanted to be out, even for a short time, to get a dose of sunshine and hopefully unload my heavy mood, but I was only partially successful. I walked to a 7-11 (to get a Mars Bar, ahem) and the 20 minute walk on the east side of the powerline was pure ice.

Dog on ice
Dog on ice

Good thing I wore my spikes, but they are apt to spring off my feet, which they did several times. When I came home, the neighbour’s kid was playing hockey, on skates, in the cul de sac. It was kinda funny. Their beautiful dog Teddy is not amused by the ice, but at least he can stay upright, unlike Maggie. It’s a shame to have all this gorgeous weather in combination with bone-threatening ice. When I am able, I’m going to head over to the Running Room and replace my old crampons. They were little miracles. Pricey little miracles.

Teddy & Ian
Hockey Afternoon in the Cul de Sac

No walk today.

6C (at 10:30am)

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