January Thaw


Right on time, or at least around the same time as last year. Yesterday, I drove home in the pouring rain. It made the snow, especially on the driveway and sidewalks, incredibly slippery, in spite of the warm temperature. When I woke up this morning, it was already 7C. When I went for a walk around 2:00PM, it was 9C. Incredible. I was trying out yet another pair of crampons, which got me down the powerline hill in Whitemud Ravine, but did not stay on my boots along the trails. Fuck. I should have just got the Running Room rubber spike thingies. They worked brilliantly for five or six years, until the the back broke on both last spring.

Cliff 3

It was just beautiful in the woods. The creek is still mostly snow and ice-covered, but around the curve near the hill, it had a glistening layer of slush on the surface. So pretty, especially against the umber soil of the cliff, and the take your breath away blue of the sky.

Whitemud Creek


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