Hawrelak in the Sun

Some dude at Hawrelak
Some dude skating at Hawrelak

Spectacular blue sky walk around Hawrelak Park this afternoon. Beautiful weather continues with bonus sunny skies. They don’t always go together. I always feel that warm winter days are a waste if it’s also cloudy, but I’m probably being too demanding.

Squirrel 2
Some dude in a tree
Squirrel 1
Some dude on a picnic table

Still working on the cramp-on situation. My boots remain unprotected and vulnerable on the ice (which means the rest of my body is too), and there is currently plenty of ice. It’s no surprise I’ve become reliant on those tiny spikes over the last five years. Edmonton seems to have more freeze-thaw episodes in winter, although my journal most likely doesn’t bear that out. I always think something new is happening with the weather or in the river valley, but when I check my journals, inevitably it turns out that nature is actually rather consistent in these parts.

Bergasm 1
Bergasm 1
Berg 2
Bergasm 2

4C/1:30 to 3:00

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