1,000 Chickadees

Whitemud Ravine in blue

A proper walk, finally, and it was fantastic! So beautiful outside – not quite above zero, but close and the sun was beaming. Maggie is so imprinted on every trail, it seems disloyal to walk without her, but the reality is that she cannot go on long, ravine walks anymore. It’s unfair, but she seemed happy enough to go around the neighbourhood after my long walk. My feet were sore, but a promise is a promise.


Lots of people and dogs on the trails. I walked to Whitemud Ravine (via Westbrook) all the way to the south end of Snow Valley. I was out for about two and a half hours, with frequent stops to take (mostly) blurry photos of chickadees, who seemed strangely attracted to me. I should have brought some seed. I should always bring seed.

The Tufted Blue-Throat
The Tufted Blue-Throat Horntwit

The creek was criss-crossed with footprints, ski grooves, and generalized marks of frolic, proving that people are braver than me. I should give it a try. My new crampons aren’t working that well (in the sense that they don’t stay on my boots), so I might wait until I get a better pair before I go creek-walking.


All in all, a brilliant walk.

-1C/1:00 to 3:30PM

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