Mill Creek Reprieve

Mill Creek frozen over

Two hour walk today damn near killed me. Clearly, my feet are out of shape. The boots don’t help. The boots with crampons really don’t help, but they do keep me upright. Other than my screaming feet, the walk was lovely. Warm. Brilliant blue skies. We’ve been given a reprieve.

After a lunch with friends at the University, I walked down a very wet, and very sunny Saskatchewan Drive to Mill Creek Ravine. Would have loved to start out in the woods, but the middle part of the trail near the Walterdale is out of bounds for a few years. No through-way anymore, unless I cross into Rossdale and bypass Mill Creek. Some days, that’s OK, but not today. I miss my ravine. I miss how I used to feel in Mill Creek, when my feet didn’t scream.

Down the hill near the Edmonton Ski Club, and over the pedestrian bridge to Louise McKinney Park. The sun unfailingly bright. People in shorts. In spite of everything, a great walk.

View from Louise McKinney Park



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