Intermittent Sun Day

Waxwings chillin’


Nice day, sort of. Sun was out, then not out. Gale force winds followed by peaceful birdsong (mostly waxwings and crows.) Compared to yesterday, it’s tropical. Was out and about on Saturday, and it was as miserable as a cold day in January. A cold, blustery day, with snow that didn’t stay on the 0C ground but was blowing hard enough to shoot the flakes down my throat, followed by slightly frantic episodes of choking.

...and then gone

…and then gone

In hindsight, not sure why I was walking with my mouth open. Probably something to do with slack jaw surprise at the rotten weather. Today, however, it is a little more spring-like. Maggie and I ambled down the almost snow-free power line into Whitemud Creek, which is at full-river gushiness. When the sun is out, it’s quite pleasant, but the wind, man, that wind. Yesterday and today. It feels arctic and somehow very personal.


The mighty Whitemud

The mighty Whitemud

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