Wet Dog Smell

Ice n' stuff

…is everywhere, especially in the vicinity of the couch. Maggie had her first dip into Whitemud Creek today. One of the spots where the water is relatively still. Also, any patch of snow or puddle of dirty water, no matter how small, was graced by Maggie’s paws. She is already pining for winter, I can tell. Glad I wore my boots for our two-hour walk from one end of Whitemud to the other. There are a few remaining areas of ice along the trail, and lots of mud. Nevertheless, it was beautifully spring-like and warm. Not particularly sunny. Instead, a mottled sort of cloudy with a touch of humidity. It may thunderstorm this afternoon which would be awesome. I’ve just started a new Nesbo, so perfect timing for a murder mystery.

Snakes on a Trail

Toto, or Todo, the ball python

Of the many delightful things I saw today, none was more spectacular and unexpected than a dude with a Ball Python wrapped around his neck. It wasn’t a scene of a crime, just a guy and his snake enjoying a fine spring day. Apparently, Toto (or Todo), ‘loves’ long walks in the woods. I’m not sure how one gauges mood in a snake, but I’ll take his word for it. I’m no expert on the nuances of snake behaviour. In addition to Toto, I saw a few butterflies, many assorted birds, a bee, and a single goose on a sand bar. It was an unusually eventful walk. By the end, Maggie and I were both ready for a coffee and a cookie (or three.)


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