Walking Home in Mill Creek


Had to get some cat drugs from my vet on 99 Street, so took the opportunity to walk to the downtown train via Mill Creek Ravine. The sidewalks around Strathcona/Mill Creek are horrendous. Break-your-neck-icy. But the ravine was lovely, all white and crunchy. No significant melting yet, but the river is muddy green and open in spots.

Mill Creek Ravine from above

By the ‘usual’ place near the frog bog, I spotted a pileated woodpecker. My friend, for all these years. I always feel so lucky, honoured really, to see one of these guys. So beautiful. This one seemed small, a junior pileated. Takes awhile for them to grow into their dinosaur heads.

Mill Creek bridge

My feet were extraordinarily sore by the end of my hour-plus walk. Stupid hiking boots. Can’t wait to get back into running shoes.


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