Blackmud Creek (or Whitemud south…)

Maggie Hides her head
Maggie finds a mouse, or has a sudden attack of shame


Not exactly black (or white) mud yet, still lots of snow. Some melting. Went for a mostly uphill walk in Blackmud Creek, until we came to the top. Flat farmland (formerly) surrounded by McMansions. Happily, there was a show home lottery thingy going on so Sharon and I took turns watching the dog, while one of us took a tour. Lovely houses, but nothing special.

A woodpecker of some sort...
A woodpecker of some sort…

Following the tour, we went north along the path which did not, in fact, lead us back into the ravine, but to 23rd Ave. Not especially bucolic with all the trucks and dirt, but we didn’t have to walk too far along the road to find a path back into the woods. It was a perfect day for a walk. Not too warm, and not cold, although I did get a little sweaty on the 10th climb. I’m losing my mojo, I think. I used to run up those hills. I blame the cookies.

Last time I was in Blackmud Creek, it was autumn. Seems like months and months ago, and I suppose it was. Winter always seems the norm, and all the other seasons a fit of confabulation. Judging by all the snow we have, it will be a long time until evidence of a non-winter month shows itself. I’m not sure I’ll believe it anyway.

Not much walking this week. It’s been cold and icy. More next week, hopefully.

Blackmud Creek bridge~looks colder and cloudier than it was
Blackmud Creek bridge~looks colder and cloudier than it was



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