Whitemud Creek South

Blackmud Creek (left) and Whitemud Creek (right)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present-Whitemud Creek Ravine South. I’ve never ventured this way before, and it’s stunning. The area has been bequeathed by the McTaggart family, which means no development, even though the ravine is surrounded by McMansions. It’s a real treasure, and my absolute favourite kind of trail…unpaved, ungravelled, steep, winding paths, tree-roots, and unbelievably beautiful views. Here’s some pics:

Leaf-strewn and fragrant
Maggie standing (unhappily) on a curiously folded tree
Fort Whitemud

This was the most beautiful part of the trail. The heavily vegetated water is no longer part of Whitemud Creek. As I learned from my nature-expert sister, this phenomenon is called an Oxbow, and it occurs when a bend in the river has straightened over time, cutting off the curved end from the flow of the creek. It’s a pond, basically, but a big one, and very, very lovely.

Whitemud not-Creek

A great walk, on a sunny Sunday morning, early Autumn.


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