South of the Powerline

A lovely day yesterday after a week of rain, snow, and temperatures bordering on goodgoditscold. The powerline route into Whitemud Ravine is still closed (three months and counting…), and so we took the dog to the south of the powerline into the neighbourhood where every house has a three-car garage. Seriously, there should be an environmental tax on these things. Anyway, the neighbourhood has a path that runs parallel to the ravine, with various trails leading into the woods. Absolutely beautiful, and the paths are leaf strewn and over-grown…just a step above a monkey trail. The fallen poplar leaves under the warmish sun smelled unbelievably good. Maggie was once again, full of puppy energy racing through the rose bushes; an energy she now pays for in the evening, and sometimes into the next day. Poor old thing, not that I’m much better these days. The view from the ravine trails was spectacular, especially when the sun was out. In every possible way, a perfect Autumn walk.

2:00PM/15C (yesterday)

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