Beautiful Day

You see, I’ve been so busy. That’s why I haven’t written for two weeks. I’ve had some nice walks, and last week was the first day of Autumn, but work has drained my brain juice for any sort of evening journaling (that’s why God made Honey Boo Boo.) Since the last time I wrote, the trees have turned yellow, or are about to, and the power-line Whitemud Creek entrance is still closed. The sign has changed from ‘mid-September’, to ‘whenevs’. Can’t say I’m not disappointed. That trail, looping in behind the bridge, is a great 45 minute-to-an-hour walk. Short walks are boring, and 10 year old Maggie is getting less and less inclined to go for a two-hour jaunt in the woods. The ‘power-line’ walk is a perfect compromise for the both of us. It’s pretty, and there’s a steep hike up the hill, which my heart appreciates (if not my thighs.)

Today Maggie and I took advantage of the clear skies and warmish sun and went for a 90 minute walk through Whitemud, via Westbrook. Lots of crunch underfoot and not too crowded in the woods. The creek is very low. We haven’t had rain for a month, which is odd considering the summer we’ve had, so no swims for the dog. When the creek is that low and concentrated, it’s almost half beaver. Other than reading and sending countless peemails, she seemed happy enough just to be outside, enjoying the autumnal view, as did I.


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