Trees, do your magic

Slipped away from work today at 2:45, took the bus to Mill Creek, and went for a walk. I was very sore from helping my sister garden yesterday, and by sore I mean in excruciating pain. Who knew picking up a few crabapples and pulling out cornflowers from dry dirt could hobble a person? So, in physical pain, and a substantial amount of mental anguish, I gave myself over to the trees to heal me body and soul. I’m not sure it worked. My muscles will mend, providing I leave the crabapples alone, but my brain feels just as frazzled. The trees, in beautiful shades of green and lemon-lime, did their best to re-bobulate my neurons, but I’m afraid they’re just too buggered. Thanks work. I’m glad I have you, but sometimes, all the time lately, you’re just too much. Time to win a million dollars. Or get another job.


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